Diversity and Inclusion Resources for Firms 


The AICPA’s Diversity & Inclusion team with the National Commission on Diversity & Inclusion has developed two valuable resources to help firms assess their current environment, learn about best practices, and implement action plans. These tools will help firms ensure that diversity and inclusion initiatives are an ongoing part of their company’s culture. 


Accounting Inclusion Maturity Model

  • The first step to implementing a successful plan is gaining an understanding of your organization’s current diversity and inclusion practices. Firms are encouraged to complete the Accounting Inclusion Maturity Model assessment which evaluates their current diversity and inclusion efforts based on four core areas: workforce, workplace, marketplace and community and supplier relations. The assessment is designed to be completed by multiple teams across the organization including human resources, marketing, and finance. After completing the assessment, firms will have access to a summary of results indicating their diversity maturity. In the summer of 2015, a benchmarking capability will be added and all organizations that have completed the survey will have access to data comparing themselves to firms of similar size. 

  • Take the Accounting Inclusion Maturity Model assessment today.


Recruitment and Retention Toolkit

  • Once firms complete the Accounting Inclusion Maturity Model, they may find it helpful to reference the Recruitment and Retention Toolkit. The toolkit helps leaders understand how attracting, recruiting and retaining a diverse workforce can help them better achieve their companies’ overall talent, recruitment and retention goals. The toolkit provides an outline of steps helpful in jump-starting diversity and inclusion initiatives within an organization and provides a useful template to assist firms in implementing changes.
  • Reference the Recruitment and Retention Toolkit today.


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