Women in the Profession

    A diverse profession is a sustainable profession. The AICPA, led by its Women’s Initiatives Executive Committee (WIEC), is committed to the retention and advancement of women in accounting.

    As outlined by these statistics, the profession has been struggling with the retention and advancement of women.

    The Women’s Initiatives Executive Committee (WIEC) is committed to the attraction and retention of women.

    The WIEC consists of 13 volunteers, women and men, who work with and in the CPA profession in a variety of ways.


    Retaining and Developing Women Leaders: Organizational Strategy Workshop Retaining and Developing Women Leaders: Organizational Strategy Workshop
    Discover straightforward, proven solutions for creating a strategic step-by-step plan to begin or renew women's initiatives at your firm.
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    Building Bridges: Strategies for a Successful Off-Ramping Program
    This brochure introduces the Women’s Initiatives Executive Committee (WIEC) and outlines its mission, action and focus on Educating, Advocating and Advancing Women in the Accounting Profession.

    The AICPA’s Women’s Initiatives Executive Committee has partnered with several states CPA societies to honor outstanding women in the profession through the Woman to Watch awards.

    We offer guides on mentoring and employee retention, along with research and other materials to promote women in the profession.

    We need our members and readers to act locally, share their stories, and register for events.

    Women in the Profession LinkedIn Group 

    This group offers networking opportunities, on-going interaction with role models, and advice for building additional skills in areas such as business development, networking, and career management.

    Join our Women in the Profession Group on LinkedIn


    AICPA Women’s Global Leadership Summit 
    November 12 and 13, 2015 in
    San Francisco, CA
    The AICPA Women’s Leadership Summit is designed to help women build skills in business development, mentoring, networking and client service and allow them to exchange ideas with established senior women executives and other promising female professionals. For more information, email womensinitiatives@aicpa.org.

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    Educate, Advocate and Advance 

    The Women’s Initiatives Executive Committee of the AICPA contributes to the progress of women in the profession by conducting research to examine the advancement of women to ownership and leadership roles, as well as other issues affecting women and the organizations that employ them.

    This whitepaper provides a summary of research performed by the WIEC and includes a chronological listing of research on the topic that dates back to 1993.

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