How to Prepare for the Uniform CPA Exam 

As a CPA Exam candidate, you are required to be thoroughly familiar with the entire exam journey – from the time you apply to take the exam until you pass all four sections. You must learn how the process works, what rules govern your progress, what requirements you have to meet, and what responsibilities you have as a candidate.

The accountancy board in the state in which you have qualified as a CPA candidate has provided you with requirements governing applications for the exam and licensure; the Candidate Bulletin will provide you with requirements that apply to taking the Exam.

Exam Content
To prevent unwelcome surprises on the day of the Exam, candidates must learn what subject matter comprises every section. Information may be found on the CPA Exam Content section of the AICPA website. The Content and Skill Specification Outlines (CSOs/SSOs) provide details related to what each section of the Exam will test. The CSOs/SSOs will remain in effect through March 10, 2017. Exam content to be tested on the Exam as of April 1, 2017 is covered in the Exam Blueprints. The blueprints provide an in-depth look at what a candidate can expect to see on the Exam, including content topics, the skill level at which content will be assessed, and tasks representative of those that a candidate may have to complete.

Policy on New Pronouncements

Find out when new pronouncements are eligible to be tested. Review the Policy on New Pronouncements when you are preparing for the Exam.

Confidentiality and Break Policy Statement
Every time you take an Exam section, you will be required to accept confidentiality and break policy provisions before you begin testing. Review this Confidentiality and Break Policy Statement in advance so that you may understand the commitment you will be making with respect to Exam confidentiality.

CPA Exam Tutorial and Sample Tests
Review the CPA Exam tutorial to learn how to navigate through the Exam, and what tools and resources will be available to you at the test center. After you take the tutorial, review the CPA Exam sample tests to get a preview of Exam content and to observe Exam functions in action.

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Remember: The word processing and spreadsheet applications on the CPA Examination are similar to but NOT identical to commercial applications. You need to learn about how the CPA Examination works, even if you are fully proficient in the use of commercial products. You must review the tutorial and sample tests before the examination as these materials are not available at test centers.

As a CPA candidate, you are required to be familiar with the Exam’s functionality, format, and directions before you report to the test center. Failure to follow the directions provided in the tutorial and sample tests, including the directions on how to respond, may adversely affect your scores.

Study, Study, Study
Study the subject matter. Take a review course or study on your own, using commercially available review

Please Note: The AICPA does not publish Exam review materials or endorse any specific review method or course. To obtain advice on whether to take a review course, which course to take, or which materials to buy, speak to faculty members or colleagues. Such recommendations are not available from the AICPA.

Good Luck!


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