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The AICPA Tax Policy & Advocacy Team and volunteer members (through selected technical resource panels and committees) continually monitor and advocate on legislative, regulatory and administrative tax matters on behalf of our members.


Protect Yourself from Tax Fraudsters
AICPA has called on “taxpayers to be more proactive in protecting their personal data – such as Social Security and credit card numbers – that thieves use to steal tax refunds and commit other crimes.”
AICPA Calls for More Guidance to Ease Bitcoin Compliance
While virtual currency is less of a novelty now, many of the issues facing taxpayers and CPAs in reporting bitcoin transactions are new. The AICPA outlined 10 issues that need clarification.
Proposals in IRS Future State Draws Both Concern and Support
What does (and should) the IRS Future State look like? The AICPA and others weigh in on structuring online accounts and other tax administration concerns.

AICPA Tax Policy & Advocacy: Combatting ID Theft 

Learn from AICPA Senior Technical Manager Melanie Lauridsen what the AICPA is proposing to the IRS to help prevent tax identity theft, as well as recent victories for the profession.

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