Meet Team AICPA

    Meet Team AICPA: Anthony 

    Name: Anthony
    Title: Director – Member Services
    Office: Durham, NC
    Team: Member Services

    How did you learn about the AICPA?
    Through a former employee who worked here. 

    How long have you been employed to the AICPA?
    In March 2013, it will be 6 years. 

    Why do you like working at the AICPA?
    Great people, collaborative environment, and there is always a new challenge. The AICPA promotes an environment where every employee has the opportunity to contribute beyond their core function if they desire. 

    What cool projects have you worked on at the AICPA?
    I was given the opportunity to create a revenue generating, outbound team within our service center. Beyond some basic parameters, I was afforded free reign to develop and implement an entirely new approach. It feels great to contribute to the bottom line of the AICPA, and at the same time deliver a valuable service to our members!

    What is your favorite perk/benefit about working at the AICPA?
    Pension plan, plus a 401k match. 

    What’s unique about working at the AICPA as compared to other employers?
    The way everyone, regardless of their primary focus, comes together to support the Dues process – a primary revenue source for the Institute.

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