AICPA Bylaw Section 650R 

Implementing Resolution Under Section 6.5

As amended
June 17, 1996


    .01    That if a vacancy occurs in the membership of Council, or in the Board of Directors, or in any of the offices of the Institute elected by the Council between annual meetings of the Institute, the Board of Directors shall recommend replacements for election by Council. Voting on such replacement may be conducted by mail ballot, in which case provision shall be made for write-in votes, or at the next meeting of Council, as may appear most desirable in the circumstances. If the voting takes place at a Council meeting, nominations from the floor shall be permitted; voting may be by voice vote, or, at the request of a majority of those present, by written ballot. A majority vote shall elect. In any event, persons elected to fill vacancies in the Board of Directors, in the Council, or in any of the offices of the Institute elected by the Council shall serve only for the remainder of the unexpired term of the previous incumbent or until a successor is elected.

[Section renumbered as a result of the deletion of the former sections 640 and 640R on June 17, 1996.]


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