About the AICPA Foundation, Inc. 

    The AICPA Foundation was established in 1922 to advance the science of accountancy and accounting education.  The Foundation’s vision consists of two components: (1) a core ideology consisting of core purpose and core values and (2) an envisioned future of what the Foundation aspires to be like in the future. The core ideology never changes while the envisioned future changes with the market and time. 

    AICPA Foundation Board of Trustees: The Board of Trustees of the Foundation includes ten trustees, one of whom currently serves on the Board of Directors. The Trustees include a president, vice-president, a treasurer and seven other members, including a member of the National Commission on Diversity and Inclusion and a representative of the Accounting Doctoral Scholars Advisory Group. The Board's secretary and assistant treasurer are AICPA staff members.

    Core Purpose:
    To benefit the public by supporting financial education and ethical business behavior and promoting a culturally diverse profession.

    Core Values: The AICPA Foundation:

    • (Collaboration) Leverages a national presence to seek alliances and partnerships for greater collaboration so as to be considered the partner of choice for financial literacy education and cultural diverse initiatives.
    • (Education) Enlightens the public by providing independent analysis of key financial and business matters.
    • (Cultural Diversity) Promotes cultural diversity within the profession to better serve a diversified workforce and customer base.
    • (Ethics) Encourages ethical behavior in the financial and business world.
    • (Public Service) Champions the public benefit through education and information on financial literacy education.

    Envisioned Future: In accordance with its core values of public service, education, cultural diversity, ethics and collaboration, the AICPA Foundation is:

    • educating the public on financial issues which are within the profession’s areas of expertise,
    • promoting cultural diversity within the profession,
    • encouraging ethical behavior within the business world, and
    • supporting quality accounting education.

    Contact Information: For questions about the AICPA Foundation programs and activities, or to discuss contributing to the AICPA Foundation, please email Foundation@aicpa.org.

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