The AICPA Tax Advocacy Team and appointed AICPA members (through selected technical resource panels and committees) continually monitor and advocate on legislative, regulatory and administrative tax matters on behalf of our members.


    Three Ways ACA Forms Could be Clearer
    The AICPA offered the IRS a few suggestions for making Forms 1095-A and 1095-B easier for taxpayers and practitioners to use. The forms will be used to report information about taxpayers’ health insurance coverage. While noting that both forms were well organized, the AICPA recommended that the IRS add a column for reporting items such as stand-alone dental coverage.
    AICPA Praises ID Theft Bill, but Opposes a Preparer Penalty Hike
    A comprehensive Senate bill (S. 2736) to curb identity theft reflects several provisions that the AICPA has proposed, such as a single point of contact at the IRS for theft victims and truncating Social Security numbers on W-2 forms. However, AICPA opposed a stiff penalty for improper disclosure or use of information by preparers.
    Permanent Tax Relief for Disaster Victims is Needed Now
    AICPA Tax Executive Chair Troy Lewis called on Congress to offer taxpayers more certainty and allow permanent tax provisions that will benefit disaster victims consistently. Many affected by major disasters have not yet received any tax relief.

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    This video of the AICPA Tax Executive Committee Immediate Past Chair and AICPA Tax Reform Task Force Chair, Jeffrey Porter, CPA, discusses member involvement in our AICPA tax advocacy efforts.

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