AICPA Values & Vision Statement 

    The AICPA is the premier national professional association in the United States. Our employees are a diverse, unified team who:

    • Are committed to member service and the public interest, providing the highest quality products, services and support possible.
    • Listen and respond to the needs and expectations of members, prospective members, the public and one another.
    • Serve members with excellence.
    • Act with the highest ethical behavior, performing with integrity and professionalism.
    • Are committed to learning and using new or existing tools and technology to its maximum potential.
    • Are responsive to others in a respectful and courteous manner.
    • Embrace change and approach challenges with "can do" enthusiasm and creative thinking.
    • Constantly seek opportunities to attract and retain members, offer additional products or services, reduce costs and improve productivity.
    • Are empowered to problem-solve and make decisions with the expectation of support by the AICPA.

    The AICPA is committed to providing its employees with:

    • Timely training to acquire the knowledge and skills needed for current and future jobs.
    • Opportunity for professional and personal growth through job enlargement, rotation and education.
    • A team environment that fosters participation, diversity, differences of opinion and a commitment to excellence.
    • A system that recognizes and rewards outstanding performance, ongoing contributions and innovations of individuals and teams within the AICPA.
    • Empowerment to problem-solve and make accountable and responsible decisions.
    • A process that respects and utilizes contributions from staff throughout the Institute.
    • Opportunities for promotion from within, when qualified and possible.
    • Above all, a professional environment that values open and candid communications based on honesty, trust, respect, healthy competition and conflict resolution.

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