Meet Team AICPA

    Meet Team AICPA: Chrissy 

    Name: Chrissy
    Title: Manager – International Communications and Management Accounting
    Office: New York City
    Team: Communications

    How did you learn about the AICPA?
    I learned about AICPA from an online job board, but I learned more about the organization by researching our website,, which has a wealth of resources about the AICPA, our initiatives and issues, members and staff.

    How long have you been employed with the AICPA?
    I have been employed with the AICPA for five years.

    Why did you decide to come to the AICPA?
    I was initially attracted to the AICPA as an organization because of its proven dedication to excellence for the profession and its members. After interviewing at the AICPA, I quickly learned that the organization extends this dedication to excellence, service and value to its employees and even the general public.

    Why do you like working at the AICPA?
    The people, the work, the benefits, the people! Everything about the AICPA makes it a top-notch place to work and grow both professionally and personally. At the AICPA you are appreciated, recognized and rewarded; no hard work goes unnoticed.

    What cool projects have you worked on at the AICPA?
    I have one of the most rewarding jobs at the AICPA. I spend my days with some of the most intelligent, dedicated and talented people in the world who work together to drive value for our members in business and industry through the CGMA designation and our other international efforts. Every day, I get to work with many of the wonderful people that make the AICPA so great.

    What is your favorite perk/benefit about working at the AICPA?
    The AICPA is flexible with work/life balance. Many people get the opportunity to work at home on a part-time or as-needed basis. That’s huge for people with very busy lifestyles and those who have families or going to school. Personally, I think the greatest benefit is the education reimbursement program. Thanks to the AICPA, I was able to obtain my MBA!

    What’s unique about working at the AICPA as compared to other employers?
    It’s rare to find an employer that truly cares about its staff. Our senior leadership works hard to make sure we are treated fairly, with respect and have the comforts and conveniences we need to do our jobs to the best of our ability and beyond.


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