Meet Team AICPA

    Meet Team AICPA: Bob 

    Name: Bob
    Title: Senior Manager
    Office: Durham, NC
    Team: Production Services

    How did you learn about the AICPA?
    New York Times classified ad

    How long have you been employed with the AICPA?
    32 years

    Why did you decide to come to the AICPA?
    I felt that working at a non-profit such as the AICPA would be a less cut-throat environment than commercial publishing. I also thought that the quality of products would be more valued. Also, the AICPA has been around for over 125 years—commercial publishers come and go.

    Why do you like working at the AICPA?
    I like working at the AICPA because of the diverse mix of products and services we offer our members. In my first job, with a legal publisher, I only worked on one type of product. Here, my team and I get to work on many different formats such as newsletters, magazines, professional publications, and electronic publications. As new technologies emerge, AICPA invests in them.

    What cool projects have you worked on at the AICPA?
    My team and I are always engaged in reviewing processes and finding more efficient methods to get products formatted and manufactured in a more timely manner. The relocation of the team from New Jersey to North Carolina back in 2006 was challenging. I enjoyed working with senior management to refine and discard processes which did not add value to our operation. Also, having to hire almost an entirely new team was rewarding. We were fortunate to find so many talented publishing folks in the Triangle.

    What is your favorite perk/benefit about working at the AICPA?
    The AICPA has always been on the cutting edge of offering excellent benefits such as telecommuting and compressed workweek schedules.

    What’s unique about working at the AICPA as compared to other employers?
    The individual can make a difference. Management is quick to acknowledge when you make an important contribution or complete an important project. Last year, the organization invested in offering all managers extensive leadership training, which was very valuable.

    Name an AICPA membership program or activity you work on and its significance to the profession.
    Professional publications, specialized publications and CPE self-study products are all needed by our members to help them with their continued development. My team is involved in getting them formatted and manufactured as timely and cost efficiently as possible. We’re also involved in overseeing the manufacturing and mailing of the Journal of Accountancy on a monthly basis.

    Meet Bob


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